Persuasive Essay On Why Women Get Abortions

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Frankie Moraga
English Language Arts
02 November 2017
Why it's okay for women to get abortions
There are many controversial topics in the U.S. Whether it's religion, trans people using the restroom they prefer , politics and last but not least abortion. Many people are pro-life which mean unborn fetuses deserve the right to live . Then there are the people who are supporting the view that a woman should have the legal right to an abortion. Pro choice is the way to go and with reasoning and evidence I will show you why.

Nobody really understands why women get abortions. They can’t grasp the fact that the unborn child’s mother would “murder” her own blood. Woman who aren’t ready to have a kid or ready to slow down shouldn’t be shamed …show more content…

They have inability to support the child. It means that the mother isn’t basically ready to have the child or she’s in a position where she can’t support it. I’ve seen parents taking care of children with birth defects and the struggles of it. Birth defects that can severely affect a child’s life and make it harder to grow up “normally”. No parents wants to see their own child struggle to live the healthy life they deserve. So women get abortions to prevent their child being born with birth defects. Then there are women who just aren’t ready for a kid. They aren’t ready to slow down and settle. They aren’t done living there life.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting an abortion. Woman deserves the right to freely explore their own sexuality without the fear of the unintended pregnancy that will foreclose there life’s. Ladies deserve the right to exercise their right to an abortion. Why would you Force a woman to have a kid she doesn’t want? There is nothing right about that.

Now I know what your thinking. It’s just a little baby who hasn’t even lived there life. They won’t be able to come into this world and see the magnification and beauty it has to offer. Why would you want to murder baby who can possibly be a legend or make a great impact in the

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