Persuasive Essay On Wild Animals

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For thousands of years wolves have roamed the lands all around the world. From rich mythology and forgotten lessons, scientists have found evidence of wolves in almost every culture. Driven and hunted to near extinction conservation efforts have uncovered these long-forgotten teachings once again. Researchers are reminded of important family dynamics and the many parallels found in humans. Wolves were on the endangered list because they were hunted until almost extinction. Settlers farming of the land and the value of furs drove the hunt to eradicate one of nature’s top-level predators. Over the last few centuries biologists, ecologists, and scientists have been studying the effect this eradication has had on natures ecology. By observing the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone National Park scientists are uncovering new information on the real impact of top predators like the wolves. While the fight for survival of their species continues conservationists are fighting to find common ground to live and coexist with these formidable predators. Despite the legalization of massive slaughter of thousands of these majestic animals for sport, children of the next generation are already educating themselves and advocating for conservation. The hope is that these education and conservation efforts will allow humans and wolves to co-exist.
Scientists estimate the beginnings of the evolution of the wolf ancestors approximately seven to ten million years ago. Although the wolf
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