Persuasive Essay On Wild Animals

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With nearly millions of animals dying each year from being captive, or endangered species being hunted down and killed, we need to discover a new way of displaying that our world is full of beautiful animals and wildlife. Wild animals are suffering both physically and mentally from the lack of freedom that confinement imposes. These harmful environments are preventing animals from having the opportunity to live in, and be exposed to their natural habitats. Keeping animals imprisoned in cages and small enclosures just for the sake of human observation causes stress and frustration, which is risking animals overall health and well being. These morally unacceptable and cruel actions of retaining wild animals in captivity is certainly wrong.…show more content…
Zoos regularly waste millions of dollars constructing statues, and building gift shops and concession stands. This money would do far more to help animals if it were spent on habitat preservation projects. While the Lincoln Park zoo has free admissions all year long, people take the advantage to go and watch animals perform tricks, paying no attention to their dangerous and insufficient living environment.


The Lincoln Park Zoo should be banned in order to protect animals from unsuitable enclosures and inadequate living conditions. Many of us feel the obligation to give animals the same rights as ourselves, so the idea of closing this zoo will prevent the capturing of wildlife and help end the miseries of several animals. By shutting down the Lincoln Park Zoo, numerous controversial issues and struggles will brought to attention on how to care for captive wildlife, or where animals would go without a home. However, if public zoos planned to close within the next year, hundreds of animals that are currently residing in the exhibits will be transported to an animal care center and then released back into the wildlife. This would allow for animals to roam free without being enclosed within a limited space, and be able to enjoy their natural habitat. Getting rid of cages reinforces the idea of interacting with animals and biodiversity in parks and reserves in a natural way.

By demanding that the Lincoln Park Zoo be shut down in order to save
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