Persuasive Essay On Wild Boars

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Wild boars were originally brought over by the Spanish in 1539 as food aboard their ships and in the new lands, but now they’re taking over much of the US. There are an estimated five to six million wild boars in the United States with an estimated one million in Florida alone. Spreading rapidly with no intention of slowing down, these wild boars are causing devastation to the native environment throughout the United States with their destructive habits. The US government has precautions put into place to try and control aspects of the boar population, but they’re negating it with regulations that are benefiting the boars rather than the general population and native species. There are measures that need to be put into place in order to control the wild boar population and the destruction that comes with them.
The native Flora and Fauna of the United States is being threatened by numerous invasive species, one of which is considered to be the most destructive. The wild boar is known to dwell in 35 states and is costing the US an estimated $1.5 billion each year in damages. Eating almost everything it sets its eyes on, boars dig up anything it desires to eat in a process called rooting. When a wild boar does a rooting behavior to dig up food it destabilizes the soil surface which leads to surface erosion. The surface erosion removes the top layer of soil that is responsible for having the richest organic matter leading to the soil losing nutrients needed to support plant life. Wild board also feed on a large quantity of native vegetation leaving the native plants not enough time to fully recover before being trampled over again by the damaging heathens. Males also tusks small trees removing the bark layer on an area of the tree in order to mark their territory and display their dominance. This tusking behavior causing serious harm to trees and has the potential to kill the tree. There is a phloem layer under the bark of a tree that comes up when boars do their tusking behavior. Nutrients such as water and minerals travel up the Phloem layer of the tree from the roots to the leaves, but if the phloem layer is removed from a portion of the tree it restricts the nutrients distributed throughout the tree and leads

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