Persuasive Essay On Winning Games

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The thrill of winning a trophy for the first time is always memorable, however, it brings up the question: Is receiving an award for participating just as exciting? Participation awards are a topic highly debated among those of all ages, with none agreeing on a single answer. Individuals who are under the impression that they are essential believe they boost a child’s confidence and self-esteem. This may be true in some cases, but these trophies could be doing more harm than good. Although in the moment they may appear to be wholesome, they have a lasting effect on children as they grow older. Many children put loads of effort into winning awards, which is belittled by participation trophies that are not only unhelpful and unrewarding, but don’t teach them the important values learned by losing.
Of course, participation trophies take away from the true meaning of receiving an award and enjoying the sport. “ ‘Her daughter rarely showed up for her soccer team. She had a terrible attitude,’ Dweck says. In spite of that, ‘at the end she got a giant trophy and would have been devastated had she not’ ” (Turner). Children who put no effort into the sport or activity they have joined still receive an award for being a part of it. This is extremely unfair to those who actually worked hard to make their team successful because it rewards the kids who were barely even engaged in the sport. “We need look no further than the 2011 World Series for the value of earning trophies
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