Persuasive Essay On Women's Sports

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The biggest thing that I see that needs to be changed within my school of Lynchburg College is the support of women’s sports. The women’s sports do not receive the same amount of fan support as the male sports. It seems that the records or the scores of the games do not matter when it comes to spectators coming to the sporting events. At our school, a lot of the women’s sports have better records and closer games but that does not detour them away from watching the men’s verse women’s. I try to support every team that we have on campus whether it is a male or female sport. The one thing that I seem to notice every time I go is that if it is a male sport the stands and side lines are packed almost to the point where there is no room to sit. When you go to a female sports event there is not even half the amount of fans that the male sports would receive. At our school, most of the time our female sports are way more successful than the male sports if you look at percentages. For example, in the year of 2014 season, our women’s soccer team won the DIII national championship, but it did not seem to help them to get more people to come out and watch a game after this accomplishment the next year. This issue can be seen across all levels of sports such as professionals, college, and high school. All women within the sporting world are working hard to get women’s sports up to the level that male sports are at but it seems as if it will never get to that point. Our school put a

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