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there was something to be said about coffee shops. or, rather, there was something to be said about the way they made taylor feel. the ambiance alone was enough to melt away at the ice in taylor’s life — the ice that’d been frozen for as long as she could remember — and allow her to, for just a moment, feel okay. wholeheartedly, totally okay. not broken. not damaged. not inadequate. totally, wonderfully okay. it was a joke, though: the idea that taylor could believe, even for a split second, that her world was one without mountains and cliffs and dead ends. it didn’t matter, though. it never mattered. and so, per usual, the blonde shrugs it off as she approaches the door to one of her favorite coffee shops. she arrives earlier than ariana, by design. she’s an hour early, because she figures an hour is ample time to gather the persona of the taylor that everyone knows. the taylor she wants to be. she outstretches her right hand to the doorknob, gives it a light twist, and once the bell rings, taylor realizes she’s here. she’s h o m e. it’s not reading, pennsylvania. it’s not nashville, tennessee either — but it’s an escape from reality, and that feels close enough to home. she hasn’t been here in months, but it hasn’t changed — and that’s the warmest feeling taylor’s found in a while. the string lights still dangle from the rafters, the tables are still small, wooden & worn, and acoustic music still trickles from the record player in the back. it’s all so familiar, and it
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