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Relieved that this odious man had hung up, she slammed the receiver down, and waited a moment to regain her composure after which she would call the said actors into her office. While her assistant prepared the video camera, Kathy poured herself a glassful of Scotch to help settle her nerves after which she gulped it down, and leisurely walked to the door. For a moment, she realized how this town had slowly destroyed her moral fortitude, and it was this diminishment in moral strength that she was afraid that Xanadu would drain these two performers of what was dear to them – their freshness. Moreover, Kathy was ashamed to the lengths she had participated in order to fuel the appetites of men like Carlton. She tricked herself into believing that she was facilitating in the creation of their budding theatrical careers, and if anything were to become of it – namely, fame and fortune – then this would be adequate compensation for any indignities they may suffer. Yet there were other reasons why she reluctantly obeyed the Tinsel town tyrant, which for the time being, I shan’t go into for fear she would discover what I’ve told you – except to say, the wasteland, hundred or so miles east of Xanadu, is populated with the bones of those who were foolish enough to challenge their power. At any rate, she could not tell him what she thought of him, which was “you are an arrogant asshole” because she had grown accustomed to the shitload of cash she got for sending aspiring actors to
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