Persuasive Essay Over Mental Health

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Mental health is currently not being taken as seriously as physical health. Why? David Cameron (former PM) says, “We have focused a lot on physical health and we haven’t as a country focused enough on mental health.” Since the NHS was founded in 1948 there has been a strong barrier of separation between the two. It seems to be that physical health is generally strongly favoured over mental health. This needs to stop - they need to be treated equally in society, workplaces and hospitals.

An outstanding ninety-two percent of people with physical health problems receive the help and support they need, but only a minuscule twenty-six percent of people with mental health problems do. These shocking figures emphasise just how much physical health is prioritised. Although we have this gap between the two there is a link as the Kings Fund, an independent charity working to improve healthcare, states that “people with severe mental illnesses also have significantly higher rates of physical illnesses” This shows that no matter how much we see a separation between them, mental and physical problems are linked and having one can cause the other.

I can see how physical health is easily favoured over mental health. It is easier for us to look at someone with a mental health issue and view them as being healthy because we can’t
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This would mean more people could be offered help and basic support that could help them understand their diagnosis and maybe even save their life. My auntie, who works and has dealt with mental health issues herself, states “people with mental health problems can be helped by having a ‘label’ / diagnosis as they feel they can be taken seriously having being diagnosed from a health professional.” However, the current balance between mental and physical health is so uneven it can almost be impossible to get that one appointment to be given their
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