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Daniel Petry
Keiser University

Being an athletes is one of the best-paid jobs on Earth. Being that they are paid so much the cost for the consumer is very high. The prices of tickets and sports memorabilia have been steadily rising over the years. The average ticket prices for the NHL, MLB, NBA and NFL all rose 5% to 10% this year, according to Jon Greenberg, executive editor of Team Marketing Report. (Mihoces).
Athletes are very highly paid due to the fact that there is a large demand of viewers that like to follow their sport. Without the fans, the demand for sports wouldn’t be as high and due to the fact that the fans pay their salaries. The fact of the matter is that professional athletes are making a lot
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As long as the sport stays entertaining people will always be out there rooting for their favorite teams and players spending their money in order to support their favorite sporting franchises.
The job also includes a big risk for injuries since sports generally require contact. Athletes put their health and careers on the line every time they step up to play. One example of this is the recent concussion scandal that has plagued the NFL. As of mid-August over 3000 former players have sued the NFL do to safety concerns related to concussions (Wong). The claims by the athletes range from them no longer being able to perform routine tasks anymore, memory loss, loss of motor skills, and even in certain cases early death (Mihoces). Concussions are serious problems not only in the NFL but many other professional sports. There is no price that one can put on someone else’s life and these athletes go in and do their job day in and day out knowing the risks that they are taking. This is one of the reasons that athletes demand such a high pay, with such a high risk involved the reward should also be high.
Another reason why athletes deserve a high pay is because they’re playing time is limited. “The average world-class athlete retires from his sport at the age of 33. Incredibly, the average NFL player is retired by the age of 28, the average world-class wrestler by 24, and the average elite gymnast by 19” (Biasiotto).

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