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Madam Glowden gestured me back into the house. I walked with her and Asha followed. She stopped him, asking him to wait outside the house. He paced up and down on the icy dried grass. His knuckles whitened as he repeatedly opened and folded his fists. She closed the door behind her. She sat with me and started.
“You don’t know, do you?” I interjected,
“Please forgive me madam, but what do you mean? Is this about your quarrel? She took a deep breath and pushed her shoulders back.
“My lord, are you the sole survivor from the house of Arash?” I replied, and she responded by pointing.
“The king stole that sword. The one you carry.” I sat and listened to her words. She said my house taught and practiced the spell casting art and passed it on
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Why didn’t you speak about this earlier? You knew and didn’t send a word of truth?”
She shot down in front of me, kneeled, and begged.
“You don’t understand, please, oh, please, listen to the word of truth I am telling you now. I cannot. I can’t reveal it.”
“Why not? You are a traitor, staying secluded on this forgotten island. You could have helped. You could have acted. Innocent lives lost because you said nothing. May the gods judge you soon.”
I threw her back on the floor, and stepping aside, she grabbed my ankles and pleaded.
“The moment I speak that word of truth…” Before she finished her words, I dragged her loose from my legs. With fire in my eyes, I marched through the house. Standing in front of the main door, I hesitated. While she stayed in the room at the back of the house, I faintly heard her crying. I hesitated but opened the door.
I saw a knife held against Asha’s throat. Hearing the voice of one mockingly speak to me, made my heart almost audible.
Please, grace us by completing that last step,” one of the five said. My eyes rolled from side to side. One of them held a sword, the second a rod of fire-magic and one an arrow pointed at my head. There was one missing. I stepped out.
“Where is the woman?
“Which one?” I replied, “I see four.”
The one with the rod walked closer and struck me across the face. My

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