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Aliens are taking over the world and it is up to us to stop them.
If aliens came to take over the earth and threaten humanity, we would all come together and not fight as Americans, as Russians, or Mexicans. Instead, we would come together, and fight as one front- the homo-sopeian species. No longer would money and resources be tied to imaginary nation-states border interests. Unfortunately, we do have aliens attacking humans, but it isn’t what you’re thinking. The aliens declared aren’t a foreign species from outer space, but in our own ways of thinking and acting threatening our existence every day.

According to Eco watch, one of the biggest threats to human future’s existence is war, specifically nuclear warfare. Yet, altogether the world spends $1.7 trillion building up armies and weapons to destroy each other, and most coutries spend less than 1% on peaceful humanitarian efforts. Furthermore, in the graph below, listed are the countries are considered the “most generous”, in regards to non-military humanitarian efforts and foreign aid.

The world has stockpiled enough weapons to blow up blow the world over and over again, and of course, we would only need to do it once to rid of our existance. On one hand, this issue is more just a pure inner evil to want to get rid of humanity, and is not to say that countries should just give up their entire military, and hold hands and sing “kumbabya”. On the other hand according to the Borgen Project, the United Nations, the

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