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School come first. If you have ever participated in sport during school, then you have most likely heard that a million times. It used to be so important to have good grades so you would be able to play in the sport that you love to play. Not anymore. Is a “C” average really that hard to maintain? Apparently, the Dayton Public School District believes so. The DPS district recently changed their grade point average (GPA) requirements for students participating in athletics. The new GPA requirement for student athletes in Dayton Public Schools is a 1.0 and they must be enrolled and participate in the Assisted Academic Intervention Program, which is a “mandatory tutoring program for those athletes at the low end of the scale” (Kelley). The previous policy was that the students had to be passing at least five of their classes and maintain a 2.0 which is a “C” average. Superintendent Rhonda Corr said this new policy could ultimately keep some students in school, but is that really the case? The district lowered their standards to a “D” average. That teaches the students that it is okay to turn in maybe two assignments and still be able to play sports. High school is not about sports. It is about preparing for college and a future career. A “D” average is not preparing anyone for college. High school is important, and everyone should be encouraging the students to perform their best in the classroom.
From personal experience, I know that it is not very hard to keep good grades in

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