Persuasive Essay : Paperless Classrooms

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More and more schools are starting to encourage teachers to become ‘paperless classrooms’, where textbooks are read on a screen and worksheets are done on computers or iPads and turned in electronically. A paperless classroom sounds like a great idea in theory, it’s better for the environment by helping save trees and may save the school some money in the long run on paper and ink, never mind the fact that most deforestation is a result of farming and not paper milling and the environmental toll that producing a laptop or iPad is probably far greater than paper. Many teachers also report greater communication between themselves and students. Students may also find it easier to communicate with other students in a paperless classroom. Students are also able to quickly look up information and by posting notes and other activities they can access classwork wherever they are. Big and heavy textbooks can be very straining on backs, especially young backs, by having the student’s textbooks and notebooks on one device greatly reduce the weight of a backpack. Students that suffer from learning disabilities like dyslexia may find it beneficial to use an electronic device in the classroom because they are able to change fonts, font sizes, and word spacing on their texts making it easier for them to read their textbooks and other class handouts. These are all great things that a paperless classroom can provide, but sometimes some good old fashion pencil and paper and a book can offer…

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