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Driving around may help some people calm down, but will it help with friends around or by themselves? People like to drive around at night so they can think about stuff that are stressing them out. People also like driving around to take road trips to distract them from reality. Will it make a difference if it is with friends or by yourself? Many people deal with a lot of things and they may not know how to relax themselves. They tend to not do anything until they hold everything in and burst at any minute. However, this will somewhat help with their situation because this will calm whatever is stressing them. Driving around with friends will help them talk about their problems instead of holding all their problems inside. Many people have depression or anxiety, but sometimes they do not know how to handle it. Driving around with friends will let them depress those feelings so whoever can feel self-worth or accepted. In addition, they could go on…show more content…
However, driving by themselves is more relaxing than being around their friends. Being by themselves will create a calm surrounding so they can feel like they can be themselves; instead, they do not have to feel like they are being fake so being who they are so they can feel accepted with their friends. Driving around by themselves lets them play their own type of music instead of thinking about what their friends likes to listen too. In conclusion, will driving around help with anxiety with friends or without friends? Well driving around in general is a safe place to relieve themselves from their problems or even from reality. They can have fun with their friends or chill by themselves. Sometimes whomever needs to distance themselves from everything that is stressing themselves. In addition, they even have to distance themselves from friends
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