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Persuasive communication is directly involved in education. Teachers have to be persuasive or the students won’t learn. Authority is a defining concept that must be utilized in education, or the system cannot run properly. Authority manifests itself in several ways within the education system for an educator. On one hand, the educator is an authority figure to the students that she teaches. On the other hand, teachers are not the authority figure when it comes to administrators. Superintendents and principals are higher on the hierarchy than a simple teacher, so the teacher must adhere to their authority in some cases within the classroom. For instance, if a student is cheating but the parent is a generous donor for the school, and the superintendent says to let the student pass, the teacher will have to make the choice between listening to their authority and letting the child pass, or listening to their moral code and failing the student, but also risk losing their job. Additionally, the teacher has the potential to be an authority figure to the students’ parents. Some parents will adhere to the teacher’s wisdom, because they feel the classroom is the teacher’s domain, but it is not always the case. Some parents actually don’t see the teacher as an authority figure to the parent, because they feel the parents are always right when in matters of their own child. There could even be a hierarchical system when it comes to colleagues, such as a new teacher having to listen to…

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