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Why would you want to go to pools, when you can go to
Better Beaches

When half of my town travel to there favorite pool club with their goggles, towels, and sun burns, I will be at the beach with just my friends and the waves. When I asked Curtis the boy at my table his summer plans, he responded with “I'll be at the pool, obviously.” This was the response of many of my peers. However I will not be there. Many people say the beach is dirty. People say the sand and the salt add up to a dreadful combo, and that the clean nice stone of a pool is better. In my opinion pools are the dirty ones. Watching the life guards dump buckets of chlorine into already chemicalized water, steers me right back to the ocean. You as a reader may not know
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Pools have an average depth of around 5.5 feet. The typical swimming pool dimensions are 10 x 20! You could barely fit anything in there. In the pool if you're in you're in. The ocean is as deep and as far as you want to go. The earth is about 90% water! The ocean never closes. It is open 24/7, you may not want to go the beach at 12:00 pm but it's there. The pool is closed at 5:00 pm. Imagine you are in the pool having the time of your life. Then all of the sudden over the cracky loud speakers you hear a tired teenage lifeguard yell “pool closing, time to go.” Then you find yourself wrapped in a wet towel, freezing in the car. All of this could be solved by simply going to the unclosable ocean. I go to the beach in Maine every summer. The kid at the table named Nick believes that because of this, I am biased to beaches. I think my beach attendance makes me an expert on this debacle. Who would you trust, a once or twice a year pool goer, or a everyday beach expert? So what it really comes down to is who you would trust, someone who is wrong or someone who is well,
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