Persuasive Essay - Puppy Farming

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Persuasive Essay – Puppy Farming To passers-by it looks like a normal shed, run by normal people. But inside this “normal shed” is a scene so horrific, it beggars belief that it has been legalised. Inside, cages upon cages of dogs are kept in squalid conditions, with barely any human contact. Puppies are wrenched away from their mothers at birth and are kept alone with only each other for company. Disease and illness are rife, leaving the dogs in pain and discomfort, and, in some cases this can lead to death. This hellish scene is disgustingly designated a puppy farm. One of the most disturbing problems out of many, in puppy farming, is the nightmarish conditions in which the dogs are kept. These innocent animals are kept in constant confinement, packed together in ridiculously small cages. As well as living in cramped conditions, they are also neglected by their “caring” breeders, and have almost no human contact until they leave the farm. A lack of human contact can lead to many problems, such as aggressive behaviour, and extreme antisocial behaviour. In a recent news article, the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA) shut down a puppy farm in Carlow, Ireland. Inspectors described the scene as “appalling and horrific”. The ISPCA also reported that “dead animals were strewn around the premises,” and the animals that were not dead were in urgent need of attention. This harrowing report sickens me and highlights the exact reason why puppy farming

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