Persuasive Essay : Should Community College Be Free?

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It becomes a major controversy when the idea of something being “free” is brought up in this economy. Money is what operates the economical system and it’s the factor that leads colleges in providing resources for their students. President Obama’s idea of having community college be free leaves many skeptical on whether it can be beneficial, or in some ways hurtful. However, there are upsides to allowing community college to be free. Community College should be free because it will cause a diversity of students to attend, allow students to save money, and offer an opportunity for those who aspire to continue their education. When it’s time for students in deciding which college they are going to attend, they consider many factors that will go into their learning experience. They take in their housing, meal, and transportation plans, all of which excite students for their college experience. However, the major factor that is a make it or break it deal for many, is if they will be able to afford schooling at a college. Many students take year off or decide to never come back to school due to the fact that college is expensive, even community college. The lack of students from being driven to attend, affects the student population at college. However, if community college were to be free it will cause a more diverse environment for students, causing them to have a different outlook in college. A reporter for US News and World Report, Joanne Jacobs, publishes the article, “As He Promotes It, Some Question Obama’s Free Community College Idea”. Where she is able to provide evidence on encouragement of free tuition. She argues that “with a more diverse group of students, community colleges could gain political capital and the funding that goes with it.” A diverse group of students will help create a new atmosphere for students and help create the college experience they seek. More students who are driven to learn, can potentially lead to new clubs being made, events, gatherings, etc. Having free tuition at community college will not only benefit students academically, but socially as well; which is all part of the development of their character. Students who attend college are faced with debt, even at a community

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