Persuasive Essay : Should Community College Should Be Free?

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I agree, community college should be free. This gives the option to students that can't afford a 4 year university, to still being able to go to college and hopefully after two years transferring out. Community college usually helps with coming up with a plan, once you enter a 4 year university, and I am more than positive that not having to worry about paying, would relieve a lot of stress for lower income students.
In the article they talk about financial aid when it comes to community college. Usually students that qualify for financial aid, end up getting most of their tuition paid, so technically they already have free college, “Community college tuition already is free for low-income students. Since they qualify for existing financial aid that typically covers those costs”. Community college tuition in reality compared to a 4 year, is not a lot, but for many low income students it is. Therefore, since tuition is already very low, then why not just give free college? Giving students the chance to study for free, I feel would only push them to work harder, to Transfer out, while already having a plan, and being more aware of the challenges they will have to face at a 4 year. What I mean by this is, if a student that is struggling to pay tuition at a community college, what do you think is going to make it easier for them, once they enter a 4 year University?. Nothing really, is going to make it easier, they will probably just run into a lot more problems when it comes

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