Persuasive Essay : Taking Care Of A Pet

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Your very first pet is one you should never forget, you love this pet with all your heart and want only what’s best for it, but since it is the first time taking care of a pet, you may need some tips to make sure he/she lives a happy and healthy life. Taking care of a pet is an easy process and can improve the lives of your pets as long as you put time and effort into it. Here are some tips and advice that are guaranteed to help your pet to have the peachiest life possible. First and foremost is the affection you show your pets. No matter what kind of animal you own, from dogs to alligators, almost all animals desire affection and attention. Most of the time, to keep your pet happy is to buy them toys or treats. Just make sure the toy is safe for them, like go to an actual store and buy them, do not give your pet an old stuffed animal or toy used for people. Most of the time the toy could potentially hurt their teeth, or the stuffing from toys could be toxic to them. That’s why it's plain easier and safer to buy a toy from Petsmart or any other store made for pets. Also, show your pets appreciation, even if they lay around all day sleeping or staying hidden from everyone, make sure to show appreciation. You never know, instead of them sleeping they could have been trying to break something or running around the house wrecking your floors or carpets. Not only will showing them appreciation make your pet happy, but it will make them happy too. You may not know
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