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If a tattoo is no longer wanted, it can be removed. Tattoos are removed by multiple laser surgeries. The laser breaks down and removes the pigment colors in the tattoo. Black colored tattoos are the easiest to remove but almost all colors can be removed with a high intensity laser. Although tattoos can be completely removed, scars may be left behind on the area that was treated. Tattoos are something that should be taken seriously because getting them removed can cost up to $500 per treatment. The number of treatments needed is varied, but the average cost for one tattoo removal is about $1,400 (J, 2014). The oldest tattoos to have been found on a body were dated back to over 5,300 years ago. They were found on the body of a mummy named Oetzi. There were over 50 tattoos on the body, some which consisted of parallel lines, a…show more content…
In the past some countries used tattoos as a way to identify social status. In Balkans, aristocrats used tattoos as a way to separate themselves from the lower classes. These aristocrats usually used family crests for their tattoos, but sometimes names were also included ("History of Tattoos"). In the Mediterranean region, tattoos were used to identify criminals. These tattoos would include the crime, punishment, and the names of the criminal’s victims. These tattoos were usually located on a part of the body that was very obvious, such as the face or arms (Libal, 2013). In ancient Greece and Rome, tattoos were used to identify slaves that could not become citizens. Even if they had enough money to buy their freedom, slaves with tattoos would not be freed because tattoos were permanent marks of guilt. Having a tattoo in ancient Greece and Rome was considered degrading (Lineberry, 2007). Primitive people used tattoos as a way to identify whether someone was a friend or a foe. When traveling and hunting, these marks helped prevent unnecessary fighting and they helped keep clans safe (Bryan,
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