Persuasive Essay : The Benefits Of School Uniforms

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The Benefits of School Uniforms
Just imagine an intruder is in your school and the police are trying to find him but he’s blended in with the crowd. Now imagine a intruder in your school and everybody is wearing a school uniform except for the intruder. This will allow police to effortlessly pick him out of the crowd and capture him. Unfortunately, all across the world, this fantasy is a reality. For years, there has been a huge controversy going on about school uniforms and how they affect students performances socially and academically. The opposition states that school uniforms are costly and takes away the freedom to express oneself as an individual, yet school uniforms insure student safety and help students stay focussed during school. Although some opponents express the idea that school uniforms are costly and take away the students freedom to express themselves, they fail to recognize that school uniforms insure the safety of students, helps them stay focussed and are cost effective.
Some people think that school uniforms are costly and that they take away the freedom to express oneself as an individual. In the article, “The Pros and Cons of School Uniforms,” Johne stated, “The most recently released survey by the Ontario Student Trustees’ Association found that a majority of students--close to 65 per cent-- didn’t think uniforms would enhance the school environment.” This number is coming from a variety of students from which more than half of them were opposed to the idea of school uniforms due to various reasons. If most of the students think that school uniforms wouldn’t enhance the school environment, isn’t there an obvious solution? To back this up, in the same article, the principal at Blyth Academy in London, Ont. explains “For teenagers, this stage of development is all about deciding their individuality, we find that not having uniforms creates an environment where they’re comfortable in their own skin.” Just imagine that you have a favorite pair of clothes and you do your best work in that pair of clothes. Now your school is making you wear a school uniform that affects your learning academically because you don’t feel comfortable and cannot concentrate on the task at hand.
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