Persuasive Essay : The Dangers Of School Uniforms In School

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Students who wear school uniforms all blend in, and no one sticks out like the sore thumb they may be. People will not get bullied and will feel comfortable around other . Student would not be dressing inappropriately. If the school has a code, the student would have to follow it. I also when to the Bingham Arts Academy and have to wear a school uniform for six years of my life. School uniforms are not all that bad to wear. Student would not have to take a lot of time in the morning to get ready. When you wear a uniform, you wear the same thing everyday. Why spend a lot of time at home trying to find clothes, and just have a uniform ready for you. When you have a uniform you can sleep in the morning. You could just have to get up and put you uniform on and then go to school.
When I went to Bigham Arts Academy I had to wear a uniform for about 6 years. The uniformed helped me with my confidence level. I found who I was in Bingham. I did not always want to wear the uniforms but we had our days that we could wear whatever we would like. Bingham was a charter school and the school had a code to wear a uniform. I think that I was disciplined when I was at school. When I wore the uniform I did not look different from all of the other students. We as student did not get bullied as much and we were nice to each other. When we wore other clothes I did not feel that same as if I was in a uniformed. When we wore

street clothing we had it like every other Friday. When I went to Thunder Bay I wanted to wear a uniform. I thought that it was weird to wear street clothing. I did not was to wear street clothing. I was so used to wear a uniform for a long time. I know that uniforms are important because they make you more formal.
When you wear a uniform you don’t see student dressing inappropriately. All the time I see student wearing their pants to their knees or their shirts their shirts to there wastes. I think when you see someone wearing shorts that you can see there body it's not that good looking.You don't have to see peoples butts or their upper parts. We as student would not be judged on what we wear or get bullied. It's very common that people will bully you when you are wearing something too
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