Persuasive Essay: The Dark Side Of Chocolate

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Persuasive Essay : The Dark Side of Chocolate.

As you peel back the wrapper, you are revealing the cacao tree seed and joining the world’s individuals once again who have turned the chocolate into ritual, medicine and mere pleasure of all time for the past 4,000 years (National Confectioners Association, n.d.) . The chocolate is considered as a treat so admired worldwide from a long time ago and no one would dare to raise their hand voting for not taking even a single bite of it during their lifetime. Why? simply because chocolate is the legal drug and the most common sweet everywhere. This is due to the creamy, silky and heavenly taste of chocolate that makes people inordinately fond of it since it was firstly recorded as a food product founded by Mayans and Aztecs (B.Sandra, 1982) . Admit it
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If consumers didn’t watch and limit the amount of chocolate they eat, the high number of calories will sabotage their weight. Consequently, the extra weight increases the possibility of getting heart diseases, obesity, Type 2 diabetes and stroke ( S. Busch, n.d.). In addition, chocolate may also affect your brain. Chemical substances such as theobromine and caffeine are included in chocolate . Even if theobromine affects the nervous system less than the caffeine, it may arouse the heart way more than caffeine. Both of them contribute temporarily on increasing the energy, but if consumed excessively, they can cause anxiety, depression, restlessness, sleeplessness or trembling ( J. Huff, n.d.). Furthermore, chocolate has an adverse effect on people’s health if they depend on eating eat as a snack because of its few helpful and beneficial nutrients. For instance, one bar of chocolate can only provide 8% of the daily-recommended intake of calcium and just 2% of the daily needed amount of iron ( B. Willett,

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