Persuasive Essay : The Definition Of The American Dream

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America the great! America the beautiful! The land of the free and of equal opportunity. The home of the American dream. This expression to most people has a peculiar meaning. Most people would define the American Dream as the upbringing of success, the ability to control destiny, and to enjoy freedom due to the American social, economic, and political system. According to the Oxford English Dictionary Online, the American Dream means the ideal that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative. However, there could not be an absolute concrete definition of the American Dream as it is viewed by people on a `basis of their different worldviews,…show more content…
College is getting more expensive every day and wages are still too low and inequality is too great. Good jobs in many parts of our country are still too hard to come by." Having the opportunity to achieve a higher level of education does not make one immune to the lagging wages because the value of a bachelor’s degree is now considered to be mediocre and it may be standard for entry level jobs. Not only is the expectation of a higher education an issue, the pursuit of a degree can be a great obstacle itself. Most students that graduate from a credited high school suffer a fairly different experience reliant on their community and neighborhoods. The decision whether to attend college was solely determined by the inequalities in income and enriched parental investment, K-12 education systems, and college preparatory supports. The matter that student finance themselves through college has its particular disparities. In the text Class in America, Mantsios states, “the gap between the rich and the middle class leaves the vast majority of the American population at a distinct disadvantage.” Low income and minority students that receive appropriate direction can most of the time obtain substantial benefits within college and graduate with less debt than those that do not. As developing adults can encounter potential obstructions for instance prolonged unemployment, bad credit, health or addiction problems, criminal arrests, or
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