Persuasive Essay: The Greenhouse Effect

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Global warming is a process in which Earths overall temperature gradually increases due to CO2 and other gases. The greenhouse effect is caused by gases in the atmosphere, such as water vapor, carbon dioxide, and methane. These gases trap sunlight in the atmosphere, so when after the Earth absorbs energy from the sunlight the energy left over, which is heat, is trapped in the atmosphere as well. This causes a rise in temperature. Before, changes in the Earth’s temperature were caused by natural causes, like the Earth’s orbit, changes in solar activity, and volcanic eruptions. However, humanity has substantially increased the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, from the burning of fossil fuels – therefore increasing the amount of energy and heat that is trapped. (USEPA)…show more content…
Research from the USEPA (USEPA) has shown that weather changes include rainfall resulting in more floods, much more intense rain, and severe droughts. Even in my lifetime, the global temperature has risen by almost .5o according to (NASA)
The Guardian (Jowit) summarizes that basically Lomborg’s position as being that he agrees that global warming is happening because of humanity’s actions but he’s very critical of the propaganda and how the human race should tackle the problem; he thinks they would achieve little and cost too much, arguing that the money would be better spend on malaria and aids treatments, as well as sanitation and clean drinking water. I believe that Lomborg’s ideas have some merit but do need to address climate change in a more productive way. I think that a little goes a long way, each person should do their part like: recycling, walking, riding bicycles, taking public transport, energy efficient vehicles, using less or clean power and
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