Persuasive Essay : The Ideas Of School Uniforms In Your School

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WRITE YOUR ESSAY HERE! Look into a classroom. What do you see? A kid in pajama pants. A girl in shorts that are shorter than short. Another boy is being taunted because he wore a sweatshirt with a not popular sports team’s logo. In a corner, a group of girls are talking about who has more expensive clothes, instead of studying. In fact, most students are not dressed very appropriately. In my opinion, this is not the way a classroom should be. A school is a place where students go to learn, not strut around in their newest designer clothes or wear clothes that are only suitable for a beach. Others don’t even bother to change out of their pajamas before coming to school. This is why we should have uniforms. Uniforms would make school the organized, happy place it should be. Some folks say that uniforms hinder a student’s self expression, and it’s really not fair to make kids dress up in ties and skirts everyday of the year. But guess what. It actually is more than just fair to make students wear uniforms. Bullying, crime, and gangs go down or cease to exist when uniforms are implemented. Test scores and grades improve. By making students wear uniforms, we may hear a few grumbles, but in the long run, it’s better off for everyone. The first reason is uniforms discourage bullying and reduce crime rates. 95% of teachers interviewed about the topic said uniforms helped promote positive student behaviour. If everyone in the school is wearing the exact same thing, kids who otherwise might dress weirdly would not get bullied, because they look just like everyone else. Uniforms make a student feel professional, so he/she might focus more in school, and maybe even act nicer. Uniforms also encourage school pride, because they are usually embellished with the schools logo. If students don’t wear lots of expensive designer clothes, there is no way to discern the rich from the less wealthy, because everyone will be wearing the same thing. This will spare less wealthy children from a lot of teasing, taunts, and tormenting. A professor at Youngstown State University, Virginia Draa, studied Ohio public high schools. She said, “I really went into this thinking uniforms don’t make a difference, but I came away seeing that

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