Persuasive Essay : The Power Of Forgiveness?

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Mireille Lukusa Westover English 1301 Nov 6th 2017 The Power of Forgiveness Jonathan Lockwood Hule once said, “Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace.” Not forgiving only means that you’re hurting yourself. Forgiveness is one of the most difficult things that one can do in their lives, but there are myriad of things to do if you want to feel free in your life. The word “forgive” makes people wonder if forgiveness is something that can just come easily to one’s heart. The word “forgive,” which has the meaning of granting, giving and allowing, is a Latin word for “perdonare” which means “to give completely, without reservation” and is the source meaning of our English word “pardon.”…show more content…
Having to free others from your heart means that you are allowing yourself to be happy again. Your heart is a big prison and the real prisoner is actually yourself. As researchers have determined that the power of forgiveness protects a person from negative effects of stress on mental health. They wrote “We found that lifetime stress severity was unrelated to mental health for persons who were highest in forgivingness, significantly associated with poorer mental health for persons exhibiting moderate levels of forgivingness, and most strongly related to poorer mental health for participants exhibiting the lowest levels of forgivingness,” People need to live their life unapologetically because no one is really in charge of what others say or do. Holding unto the bad things that have been done to you is not worth the discomfort, anger and depression that it bring you. A great example of the power of forgiveness is the story behind Matthew West’s song Forgiveness, is about a woman named Renee whose daughter was killed by a drunk driver, but she found a place in her heart to forgive her daughter’s killer and even went so far as to the court and asked for his sentence to be cut in half. they are now working together to stop other from drinking while driving. One must
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