Persuasive Essay : The Process Of Buying A House

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Owning a house has become more important than simply having a place to live, or making a sound real estate investment in our society. Buying a house has become an integral part of the American dream. No matter if you are male or female, young or old, rich or poor, what culture or country you are from, everyone has a dream about it; in other words, every one of us wants to own a place that we can live in and create memories in that will last a life time. For a first-time homebuyer, that dream can quickly turn into a nightmare. The whole home buying process can quickly overwhelm the average individual. You’re entering into what could be the biggest purchase of your life with no experience to fall back on. The good news is a little preparation can go a long way and help you approach this decision with confidence. Luckily for you, I have taken the liberty of putting together a guide for the first-time homebuyer. Throughout this guide I will take you step by step through the daunting process of buying a home.
Step 1: Make sure you’re ready to buy. Buying a home will most likely be the single largest investment of money made in your entire life. With that being said, it’s not a decision that you should rush into. Ask yourself: is it really time for me to buy a home? The first thing you'll need to determine is what your long-term goals are and then how home ownership fits in with those plans. Some people see home ownership as a major milestone in the process of becoming an adult. They want something that says “I am responsible and completely independent” and believe purchasing a home will convey that message to family and friends. Do not buy a home because you want to show everyone you’re growing up. Buy a home because you are financially stable, looking to settle down long term, and ready to make a sound investment. Once you have determined that you’re ready, both mentally and emotionally, then you can begin preparing your finances.
Step 2: Preparing finances for the buying process. The first step in preparing your finances is to conduct a complete review of your current financial situation. Examine a variety of things, such as how much debt you have, what your monthly net income is, how much you have in savings,

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