Persuasive Essay : The Toilet Paper

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There’s a saying, it’s that the three necessities of life are food, shelter, and toilet paper. In 1890, when toilet paper was first put on a roll, was when the world truly started. Toilet paper is the best invention ever created because it gets us clean and fresh in seconds. Joseph Gayette was the man behind it all. His invention has and will be used in the world for hundreds and hundreds of years. It’s almost as if you didn’t even leave to do your business. Imagine a life without toilet paper, I just couldn’t do it. Toilet paper is so easy to get rid of, practically everywhere, and it’s clean and effective. Have you ever thought where it goes once you flush it? Once you flush, you never have to see it again. That’s unless you work at…show more content…
The concept of toilet paper is genius. The concept allows us to grab, and rip of a piece without touching the next piece. No one wants to get gross bathroom germs. Common illnesses, like a stomach bug, pass through bathrooms, and fungi like, athlete’s foot, occur in the bathroom from walking bare foot. Everyone gets the stomach bug at sometime, but most think of contracting the disease from being near someone that has it. In fact you get from being in a germ-filled bathroom. Imagine all of the times your mom told you to go wash your hands after you went to the bathroom, it’s because the bathroom can be a gross place. Things like toilet paper help us stay clean and reduce the amount of germs spread in the bathroom. Also, down there, it does a great job. I can walk around freely, after I do my business without worrying about stench, for I know toilet paper did a good job. I personally use Scott’s brand toilet paper, which I highly recommend. It’s very soft, and also very strong. Since, toilet paper is easy to dispose of, it’s everywhere, it’s one of the biggest marketed items, and a huge money maker, because you can never have too much toilet paper. With a simple flush, toilet paper is gone. The simple design, is so well thought out, that germs don’t spread as much, as if they were in a container, like a tissue box. Where, when you go to grab the next piece you touch the box, and the next piece. You can’t go anywhere in the world without
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