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Most people have that one vacation with no happy memories. “Remember the summer trip in 2008? The one where all you did was complain?” That’s the one. Money spent on these trips doesn’t care how often you were bored, making it seem as though it was wasted. But if every picture from the trip brings a smile to your face, then the larger cost isn’t as bad. It isn’t as difficult with older people to organize a vacation, because if they are together, similar activities often are enjoyed. The challenge comes when kids, mainly younger ones, are in tow. Adults planning vacations should consider what they are looking for, whether it is fun and adventure or calm and relaxed. But how do you know what’s appropriate for you, since every family is different?
For starters, the more hyper the kids, the more exciting the vacation. Hiking, whitewater rafting, and national park sight-seeing all keep the adventure going. The natural wonders of Yellowstone, the Badlands, and Mount Rainer, to name a few, fill the western United States, and are beyond magical. Geysers spraying sixty feet into the air never fail to impress anyone, and the countless rock formations bring questions about the sanity of the Earth. When looking for activities on a fast-paced trip, mountains are the place to go. Fun all year round, they offer hiking and rafting during the warmer seasons, and breathtaking skiing and other snow activities when the weather gets cold. Camelback Mountain in Pennsylvania has

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