Persuasive Essay : ' War On Kids Pat Farenga An Author

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Joanna C. Nickerson Prof. John Williams ENG 112 D16B October 27, 2015 Unkown Title As a student, it is so simple to criticize the way schools are conducted. The ideas that students have towards schools may be somewhat misguided by their varied emotions and attitudes towards their school. Many students may feel that public education it is a necessity to have in life in order to be successful, be knowledgeable, and determine what kind of student you are. For many students, going to school is more than just a part of the daily routine. A lot of students see their role in school as an importance to their life, but as well to their future success. Many of us have gotten told by parents or teacher that school is an important…show more content…
Having education doesn 't automatically make you intelligent, nor does it measure your competency. However, in today 's society, having a degree is very important for getting a good job and making money, but it does not mean that earning a degree makes you knowledgeable. In the article Importance of Education states, “Education plays a vital role in your success in the personal growth. The more you have knowledge the more you grow” (Importance of Education). If schools are supposed to help are personal growth through school. Then why do so many student lose interest in finding who they want to become or question why they are here in the first place. In the documentary movie War on Kids, Morgan Emrich a public school teacher states, “they’re taught to hate reading by being forced to read stuff that they don 't want to. It 's really rare for a kid in school to be able to choose a book that they want to read and read it” (War on Kids). As students we get force to learn what is require in order to go from one grade to another. We also get tested to see the school academic level or need to pass a standardized test in order to graduate. Our school system has taught us that we should be good at test taking, answering multiple questions, and how to write essays. For a lot of students during their high school career SAT or ACT was a really important part in their life. Many students rely on their test scores
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