Persuasive Essay : Weighing Safety And Fun

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Persuasive Essay
Weighing Safety and Fun
Every day, children ask their parents if they can do something, buy something, or go somewhere. Many times the question is an easy no, while other times the question is a tough one to ponder. In light of the new research involving concussions, parents are now in a big dilemma if their child asks them “Can I go out for football this fall?” On one hand, we have to look at the safety of the child, as suffering a concussion can hurt the long-term health of an individual. Many injuries, including broken bones, concussions, and even the slight possibility of a spinal injury are some risks of playing football. But on the other hand, by not allowing a child to play football will limit the possibilities and benefits the child may experience while playing football. But despite the safety issues, in my opinion, if a child wants to play football, I believe parents should allow their child to play. Parents should allow their child to play football because extracurricular activities are beneficial to young students, football is a character building sport, and finally, such injuries that parents fear can be limited or even prevented.
When parents decide whether their child should go out for football, the first thing that parents should remember is that extracurricular activities are very beneficial to a child’s growth. According to Ron Kennedy, Athletic Director of Donegal High School, “This participation (in extracurricular activities) helps

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