Persuasive Essay: Why Do Summer Dish Smoothies?

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This time of year, summer squash is abundant in the grocery stores and markets. Sure you could stuff, sauté or grill them, but why not blend it? Here are 4 reasons to embrace summer squash smoothies: 1. It’s neutral. Summer squash is loaded with nutritious fiber and vitamins, but it has a neutral taste that can form the base of any flavor of smoothie. Try combining summer squash with ginger, orange, and turmeric, or pair it with blueberries and acai berries for a tropical flair. 2. It contributes to brain health. The perks of summer squash go beyond taste. It’s high in manganese, which is a mineral not found in meat or dairy. It’s been shown to boost memory and help heal wounds. 3. It is creamier than a banana! Bulk up your smoothie by skipping
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