Persuasive Essay : Why Is Cheerleading A Sport?

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Workouts every day, sweating and chanting during games, and never getting the recognition that cheerleading is a sport is highly frustrating. Just as any other sport, girls and guys alike work hard every day to showcase their talents and to know that the sport isn’t considered an actual “sport” is highly controversial. The NCAA states, “In order for a sport to be considered for the NCAA Emerging Sports for Women list, 20 or more varsity teams and/or competitive club teams must currently exist on college campuses and the sport organization must submit a detailed proposal including possible general competition rules, suggested NCAA regulations (such as playing and practice seasons, recruiting and financial aid) and the sport format.” But how can they decide if they never even seen what cheerleaders actually do. The American Medical Association thinks otherwise. “The American Medical Association says cheerleading should be considered a sport because of its rigors and risks. Cheerleading is a leading cause of catastrophic injury in female athletes at the high school and college level, Dr. Samantha Rosman, a Boston-area pediatrician, told AMA delegates during floor debate before the vote.” Cheerleading like any other sport is dangerous in a way having to throw girls in the air, doing stunts, and gymnastics can cause many injuries. Personally, I have been injured in cheerleading more than any other sport because of the risks that I take every day. Katie Thomas, with the New

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