Persuasive Essay: Why Schools Should Keep Sports In Schools

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Sports can teach you many life lessons that you can’t learn in school. Such as, working together and, problem solving. Many people say sports cost to much money that should be used for school, but sports can make you smarter. Sports can help you in many ways in school.
One reason that schools should keep sports is, it will help kids stay more focused in school. Studies have shown that active kids have more focus, are better problem solvers, and have higher test scores in school. This proves that by playing sports and staying active kids do better in school. And that they will get better grades. Since being a student is harder now than ever, it’s good for you to play sports because it relieves stress.This proves that athletic kids will probably do better on harder tests because they will be more calm about it. A lot of kids get really nervous for a big test but if you play sports you won’t as nervous as if you don’t play sports. Therefore, playing sports can help you be a better student.
Another reason schools should keep sports is, it will help kids to have higher scores on tests in school. In 2012 studies by the Datalys Center found that young athletes have higher scores in math and English. This proves that kids that play sports will do better in school. According to the Institute of Medicine Physically,
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Sports can help you to stay active so you will have better grades. It also helps you to have better focus and be able to solve problems better. Also, sports can help you get higher scores in school. By playing any sports it can make you smarter and it can make you mentally tougher which could help you get through a hard test or class in school. Sports are an opportunity in kids lives to have fun and be with your friends and become a better student. Money is spent on sports but isn’t it worth it of the students are getting better grades because they play sports? Schools should keep
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