Persuasive Essay : Why Should National Service Be Compulsory?

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I Introduction National service typically means compulsory military service during peace times. Otherwise known as conscription, but the term can also include service in the education and health sectors. National service is a contentious issue with the rise in terrorist attacks and resultant increased fear of different groups of people. This essay will argue that no form of national service should be compulsory. Following from this introduction, Part II will focus on the societal benefits of compulsory military service. Part III will then examine the negative impacts. Part IV examines the balance between the benefits and detriments of conscription. Finally, Part V will discuss national service in the context of public service. I will examine whether adoption of the expansive meaning of national service alters the balance between the benefits and detriments. II Societal benefits of compulsory military service In order to decide whether national service should be compulsory, it is relevant to discuss whether there are any societal benefits associated. Possible benefits include social cohesiveness, better integration of migrants, improved monitoring of potential terrorist threats and finally increased involvement of citizens. A Social Cohesiveness Conscription could improve social cohesion through shared experience. This shared experience of all New Zealand citizens would link different groups within society. Therefore, it would be harder for political parties to use a
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