Persuasive Essay : Why The Gift Giving Gifts?

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Throughout the years we wake up in the morning to the spell of mom’s homemade chocolate chip pancakes and walk into the family room to see presents under the tree with our names on them. We gather around the tree and open every gift with our family’s, and celebrate the wonderful holiday we call Christmas. Well last year I did the same tradition I do every year... but this time I thought to myself, why do we get gifts? I decided to inform the world on the history behind the gift giving holiday. Family and friends are a huge part of holidays. Not only is it about family and friends on Christmas but we are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. The custom of giving and receiving presents at Christmas is to remind us of the presents given to Jesus by the 3 Wise Men on his birthday, which then turned into people giving gifts in the 1800s in hopes to transform the holiday into a home-and child-centered holiday which was produced to emerge a bond between Protestantism and consumer capitalism.
Christmas morning for most consists of waking up on December 25th and seeing presents under the tree with our names on them. We open the gifts on this day with our family and friends but never seem to ask the question, why are we receiving these gifts? Many of us know that we receive these gifts as a way to celebrate Jesus birthday. Jesus was born in Bethlehem by his mother Mary during the time of King Herod. King Herod heard about the baby being born and was nervous that he was going to

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