Persuasive Essay: Year-Round Schools

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Year-round Schools

America is 17th in education, but year-round schools would fixed that. Year-round schools are schools with around 3 week breaks, but a shorter summer with five weeks. Year-round schools also have it that students have differ break times, it also have 175-180 days like a normal school have. There are huge and many benefits to having a year-round school, one of those benefits is that during summer kids forget lessons and have to go back over those lessons called the summer slide, but with year-round schools you wouldn’t need to review as much. Another reason is that less-privileged kids can’t go to summer camp and don’t get free lunches for 10, 11 or 12 weeks, but with a year-round school that wouldn’t happen they would get free lunch all around the year.
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In addition we could also be more education focus, America is 17th in education out of 40 in the developed world, with Hong Kong 1st, Japan 2nd and Singapore 3rd. This is why we should have a year-round school system, it would help us go in the top
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