Persuasive Essay on Building of Rec. Center

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Teen Activity Persuasive Essay
By: Eduardo Gutierrez Teens in todays society are often at risk of abusing substances, getting into trouble, and causing violent scenes. They also are still trying to discover who they are, what interests them, who to hang around with, and just discover themselves. But an issue people debate about is the actions that teens choose to do. Many teens often hangout in groups at a variety of locations such as houses, parks, the mall, and other places such as a recreational center. Although teens may not see harm in being out and about with friends, adults may think otherwise. Some parents may be worried where there kids are or what they're doing, other parents may just say, "Let them be kids", and others
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A successful recreational center is the "Howell Recreational Center and Park" they have a variety of tasks and sports for teens to participate in that could appeal to many people, they have classes, programs, sports, trips, and other activities. A teen recreational center can proide many benefits such as positive youth development, a supervised substance free place to socialize with peers, healthy activity & prevention programs, promote ownership and responsibility, provide community service, provide teens with leadership roles, and give teens a voice. In todays society teens are often associated with drinking, doing drugs, and causing trouble. If a recreation center was built what would be stopping teens from bringing drugs and alcohol there? They may even be getting more teens to participate in such wreckless behavior. In the past year about 70.6% of teens have consumed alcohol and thats just highschool seniors. Also, in order to even have a recreational center you would first need an advisory committee and later a board of directors. For you to have these you would need to get voulenteers from the community to take part in these groups, which community members may not want to partake in or support. To even consider having a recreational center you would first have to see what people in the

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