Persuasive Essay on How to Improve the Economy.

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16 November 2012
Houston, we have a Solution

If you look around, you can see a few things running rampant in the US. You may see a house being foreclosed because the dollar is not what it used to be. You may see a drug dealer sell to a child. You may see an assault rifle come out in a theatre with nobody to deal with the problem. A woman being forced into servitude, or a man forced to fight for what he doesn’t believe in. You see a political civil war between fellow Americans, a social gridlock between fellow Americans, and you see a ruthless economy threatening the very existence of the American dream to be accomplished by fellow Americans. You see new issues coming up constantly, you
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Many people would say lowering taxes brings in less money, which isn’t true, if people had more money to spend they would spend it; people would buy everything from toys to larger houses with the extra money, creating revenue for the government. Another way to combat the faltering economy is the legalization of certain illegal drugs. thankfully gives many arguments for this topic, and many make sense. According to, which states different viewpoints from different people or articles, many believe that legalization would do a lot to dumb down the war on drugs. Many also believe that the legalization of drugs would stop a lot of illegal sales. The legalization of drugs, if taxed like cigarettes and alcohol, would bring in an insane amount of money because frankly, people like drugs… a lot. Another way that may not bring up as much money as drugs and lowering taxes, is actually performing the capital punishment more often. This topic is touchy, but don’t listen to my opinion until you hear these arguments that agree with capital punishment. CA.Gov states that is costs about $47,000 to house an inmate for only ONE YEAR! The country in general holds many death row inmates for YEARS because we are afraid to use the death penalty. We shouldn’t be, and here is why: All of the following quotes can be found at Alex Kozinski, JD, Circuit Judge in the US Court of Appeals for
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