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When I began this class, I loved to write persuasive essays. I loved to write about my own opinions and I was quite good at convincing people to agree with my stand points. To convince others to agree on my point of view was an extraordinary feeling. I am very good at getting my point across and giving my reasons on why I feel the way I do about a certain situation. I loved writing persuasive essays because I love to read them as well. I love how persuasive essays have a call-to-action; giving the readers a chance to do something about the situation. I am all for protest and rights for others, if I believe someone is wrong I will stand my ground and prove that it is wrong. I loved to write persuasive essays because, I am a persuasive person in life. My opinions matter just as much as everyone else. Writing persuasive essays, is like writing from the soul. To be able to put my all into a piece and show why it means so much to me. By taking this class, I have come to enjoy the research paper. I feel now as I writer I still love persuasive writing; just know I include research to help strengthen my opinions. I am an organized writer as well as a descriptive writer, being able to write things in logical order and having things well explained for a reader. I now understand the meaning and how to write about things I may not always agree with. Being able to describe my writing, giving more detail is something taking this class has taught me. Giving my readers a better visual is

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