Persuasive-Flu Shot Essay

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Introduction: Hi my name is Marah and today I am going to persuade you to get a Flu vaccination. I recently got a job working at Walgreens Pharmacy. Every day that I work I see people coming in to pick up their prescriptions that don’t look like the feel very great, with a tissue in one hand and their money in the other. No one wants to be sick, it’s not fun and it makes you feel like crap and you get absolutely nothing done. So it would only make sense if everyone was taking the precautionary measure in getting a flu shot. People should be lining up to get their vaccinations in order to prevent them from them getting sick and missing school, work or important events; but they aren’t, at Walgreens, we give maybe about 4 flu shots a day,…show more content…
 There are 3 different types of flu, Type A, B, and C. (  A- Being the strongest and most “severe” and common of the 3.  B- Is just a milder version of A.  C- Typically is mild and more like a cold.  You catch it from the germs that are spread when someone coughs or sneezes.  It is best to sneeze into your shoulder because, if you sneeze into your hand, think about everything you touch with your hand… door handles, desks etc. if you sneeze into your shoulder it doesn’t necessarily come into contact with anything.  Millions of people get the flu each year in the US, about 2000 of those people will be severe enough to get hospitalized and about 3600 people will die because of some complication with the flu as stated in the article “Flu” on the Walgreens website.  The website says that “historically, the 20th century saw 3 pandemics of influenza, and the 21st has experienced 1 flu pandemic.”  The CDC website says that the flu is actually contagious anywhere from the day before symptoms start to 5-7 days after the start.  Also noted by the CDC, the H1N1 flu pandemic that occurred last year was the first pandemic in over 40 years.  The H1N1 pandemic cause over 12,000 deaths.  Symptoms that the flu causes  There are many symptoms of the flu, they include  Cough and sore throat  Stuffy and/or runny nose  Body aches  Tiredness  dizziness • There are also symptoms of the flu
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