Persuasive Letter To Mathletes

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To Whom it may concern, The students in our Highland Mathletes Team take their commitment to academic and mathematical excellence quite seriously. In our recent competition, we took third place after a close battle with high schools from all over the district. When we first heard about the San Jose convention, I can distinctly remember the excitement and enthusiasm of our members and leaders. I can’t remember the last time we’ve had a possibility like this. This convention is a unique opportunity for everyone in our team, from the freshmen underclassmen to the seniors upperclassmen. It boasts a variety of methods we can implement and innovate with, both in our practices and competitions. For example, I heard that there will be this really cool technique I’m writing to fill in space.…show more content…
Many of them plan to pursue or are considering STEM-related professions. This isn’t just about trailblazing our ideas, however. With your permission, we would like to reward our Mathletes for their choices of hard work and diligence despite being nuanced by the troubles and peer-pressures they face as growing young adults. Many give up their lunches and free time to get better at a subject that is often averted. In total, we have _ members. So after consulting with the Mathlete Team, I am bringing this field trip permission letter to your attention. I have included various yada yadas about blah blahs. I think it would be an extremely proactive experience for the
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