Persuasive Letter To Mom

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Dear Mom/Dad I'm happy with almost everything you have done for me, but…… there's one more big thing that i've wanted to do but I left it out, are you ready well here it is TAKE ME FISHING!!! One thought is it could be fun for the whole family if we rented a cabin in South Dakota you could do what you want while I could sit there for a whole day fishing maybe I could even invite a friend and grandpa could get us a fishing guide to take us in the middle of the lake to fish. Okay, maybe you don't want it to be a mossy old lake, then problem solved, we could just go to an ocean and fish if we really wanted to.

Also Everyone is getting tired of school and all the homework, but luckily we have fishing to relieve stress and if you take that away from me than it could get bad. But watching the water and fish jump out is stress relieving and we could take a pontoon on the lake and just stroll on the water and relax.
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So why don't we just enjoy our lives on doing something we actually like?

If you did not know kids have dreams (at least that's what they say on this awesome website → )of what they want to do when they get older, mine is being a professional fisherman and that goal is going to be pretty hard to achieve if i'm going to spend most of my childhood behind a desk so mom or dad if you took me fishing a little more I would most likely stop complaining.

Sooo according to my calculations parents should take their kids to more entertaining stuff. So mom or dad could you take me fishing a little more because everything is perfect and it is fun for the whole
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