Persuasive Letter To Sagittarius

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Aries Today you’re likely to feel threatened by somebody in the outer circle. Perhaps, a loud and outspoken colleague or a friend your spouse has been spending too much time with. Tune in and ask yourself if you’re operating from the place of the green-eyed monster monster? Know that you are you—and that’s your superpower. Taurus Waiting for your very own eureka moment? The truth comes to you in the form of revelation. Use your inherent intelligence to solve this one. The news is also likely to come from another party. Stay sharp and mindful when interacting with others. Gemini Oh, the gift of passion and the spark of creativity! Make today about the pursuit of the things that set your soul on fire. This passion is sure to make it’s way…show more content…
Oh, the joy of having your best people around! Partake in the merriment. Indulge in the luxuries of life. As you do, practice gratitude for all the abundance that’s being given to you. Sagittarius Got your eye on that rare amethyst ring? Thinking about taking a trip to Paris or indulging in a Masterchef meal? You deserve the luxury of the wealth you’ve amassed. Take the day off, Sagittarius. It’s time to enjoy all the good things in life. Capricorn This is the very end of the cycle. The dark phase that you’ve been in comes to an end welcoming the metaphorical light at the end of the tunnel. Where do you want to take your life from here? Focus your energy on transformation. Aquarius Step into the spotlight, Aquarius! A project you’ve given your heart and soul into reaches the stage of completion bringing you both success and recognition. Stop to breathe for a moment and then get back to work. There’s yet another success story waiting to be written! Pisces Put the television off, Pisces, and write your own romcom instead! Aren’t you tired of playing your emotions down? Aren’t you tired of holding back? Give your relationship the gift of open and honest communication. See how your partner responds to your
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