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I stood at the gates of Magcon.... so many people were screaming like dying seals. "DEMI!" Ava yelled at me since it was so loud, it was almost impossible to hear anything. "WHAT AVA!" I yelled back. "There coming out now!!" she screamed. I smiled. I might as well tell you, I'm not someone who obsesses over guys. I'm not like my bestfriend. Ava obsesses over every magcon guy. I'm not joking. She obsesses over Nash, Matthew, Cameron, Aaron, Shawn, Brent, Taylor, Carter, Jack J, Jack G, and a few other guys that aren't apart of Magcon. The guys started to run on the stage, and oh my goodness, thank god that we were in the very, very front. All the girls were screaming like crazy... my ears were killing me. I agreed on coming here with Ava only…show more content…
I'm 18 years old, I have brown/gold-ish hair, I have brown eyes, and I'm average height (usually people are taller than me, and they tower down on me like giraffes and its pretty damn scary), I am somewhat skinny, I surf (surfboard.. surfboard), I sketch and draw things, I am NOT shy whatsoever, I am from North Carolina, I am very I don't know.... funny I guess? people tell me I am... so yay! and I make very little vines... not…show more content…
I then looked at everyone who was staring at me, and then back at Cameron. I gulped "hi" I said. he smiled "hello, so uh, beating your high score on Flappy Bird?" he was so close.... "yeah, actually I did beat my high score.." he looked into my eyes and that perfect smile of his played his lips. "cool, whats your high score?" he said. we were talking, and everyone was watching us. the guys were watching us. "220" I said, rubbing my arm. he frowned "mines 190" he shrugged. I smirked "so uh, shouldn't we get back to Magcon?" I said. he nodded, "yeah, we should" he smiled. our hands were so close to touching. my heart was beating super fast. the only thing between us, was the metal gate. Cam was taller than me, that's for sure. he then leaned to me, and for a second my heart started beating faster. he whispered in my ear "mind if I have your number? just cause, well... it would be cool if we saw each other again" his soft breath hit my ear, and it made me tingle. I whispered back "sure". "when this whole thing is over, meet me at the balcony on the roof, oh and uh.. your friend can come too" he whispered. I nodded and smiled. he smiled at me and ran back to the stage. Nash raised an eyebrow and put his hands behind his back. I saw Matthew 'casually' walk close to Nash's side and hand him something, but I think I was the only one who saw it. Nash gave him back the thing, and walked up behind Cameron. he showed everyone his hand. I knew
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