Persuasive Narrative Writing

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It was ten thirty five in the morning so I decided to get ready to go meet up with the guys I made it there after they did and I stood there watching the boys standing in there underwear spitting off the edge of the cliff then one of them asked "Who's going first." I smiled and said "I'll go." I took off my shorts and loose t shirt the boys turned and stared at me in silence and I ran over saying "Bunch of babies." as I jumped off the edge of the cliff. I heard Richie "What the fuck we just got shown up by a girl." I landed in the water and resurfaced and yelled "Come on guys!" then they jumped in one by one. We swam around and splashed each other then Richie got me up on his shoulders and yelled "Chicken fight!" Stan was on Billy's shoulder and Stan and I were trying to knock each other down and of course he won the fight do to him being bigger and stronger than I was. After about an hour of swimming We all got out and dried off and put our clothes back on. We decided to go get some ice cream. But as were cycling we saw Belch Huggins car parked beside the woods. "Who's Bike is the?" I asked "That's Mikes we need to help him!" Beverly said. We all dropped out bikes and ran into the woods. And there they were Henry's foot was on mikes head trying to get mike to eat raw meat on the ground while Victor Belch and Patrick stood there watching and yelling. Henry picked up a rock and was about to hit mike with it, but Beverly picked up a rock and threw it. It his Henry right in the
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