Persuasive Narrative Writing

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Trapped! Trapped and concealed from the world. Lost in an enclosed room with no escape routes. Shivers climb up my spine. My skin is squeezed tighter. Ice-cold metallic hands are placed all over me. The thriller, the horror are all kept inside of me. Page by page I am turned. I have no control of what happens next. My friends and family are stacked on top of each other, waiting to go through the same pain and agony as me. I will never be left alone. In the morning, I am harassed. In the afternoon, I am bullied. But worst of all is the evening. I stare up into two bright circular lights wondering when the torture will terminate. I lay in his arms awaiting silently for his next excruciating attack. My delicate body is never cared for. As my pages are turned with unbearable force, his metal wired chest pounds harder and harder as if he had a heart. But that could never be true. He has no heart to love or care for others. The crimson flare that burns brightly in his chest consumes my fear. There is no escape! His pedal like feet control the amount of pain I receive. The harder he pushes, the more I suffer and soon there will be nothing left of me. I am surrounded by onlookers. Onlookers that are too scared to stand up to him, too scared to even say anything. My future is no brighter than when I was watching my family persevere through the traumatizing abuse. The rectangular metal head searches for my weakness and penetrates it, with all of its strength. His luminous eyes
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